We have always heard that sports are good for health; but we have never seen as many injuries as in recent years. In my practice, I noticed that the number of fractures and ligament injuries in sports has increased in a greater proportion than those due to automobile accidents.

Sports can actually contribute a lot to a person’s quality of life, but you have to worry about the possibility of injuries and their consequences. As an example – and this is a fairly common question – not all people are able to run. This is because the impact of the activity on an overweight individual can bring harm. Another example is the ballet dancer, who can be a victim of chronic injuries to the feet, muscles and tendons.

Thus, it is up to the orthopedist to talk with the patient about the sport activity most appropriate to his biotype and lifestyle. Measuring the type of sport, its intensity and frequency is something that should be treated individually in order to avoid the worsening of existing conditions such as the evolution of disc hernias, progression of cartilage lesions or even the injury of ligaments of poorly recovered previous sprains.

When the injury happens it may often be necessary to use surgical procedures to restore proper function to the patient. At these times we perform the most diverse treatment techniques of fractures, ligamentous and cartilaginous lesions.

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